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Click Thru's



Click-to-Calls program captures and records all inbound calls driven from your advertising. This allows for seamlessly accurate tracking of ad performance. Click-to-Calls program also insures all your website’s phone numbers are click-to-call friendly. With mobile search surpassing desktop search it’s essential that the phone numbers on your website are click-to-call friendly as the days of old school finger dialing are gone!


Call Conversion Tracking:

Click-to-Calls program allows for incredible call conversion tracking. We can see the keywords, landing pages and ads that drove the calls. This allows for amazing ad campaign optimization to increase your all ROI.


Never Miss A Call:

No more lost opportunities. As part of the Click-to-Calls program when a call is dropped or unanswered we’ll alert you so you can return the call quickly and efficiently, capturing more leads and sales.


Lead Quality Monitoring:

With all inbound calls recorded it allows us to help with lead quality monitoring and call coaching to improve your call success rates and sales.


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