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Conversion Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization:

Conversion Rate Optimization is hugely important. Without a good conversion rate you could drive all the fic in the world to a website with little to no success. While driving quality traffic to your website/landing is important, converting that traffic into actual sales and/or leads is most important. Slight design and ctionality changes can make a huge impact on conversions. Changes should be based on data and testing. Over time, by making small/smart design changes and improvements, the conversion rate of your website will steadily climb.


Our Process:

Our revolving 3 step process for conversion rate optimization consists of:-

   • Driving Traffic


   • Analyzing Data


   • Making Educated Decisions & Improvements to the Design


This process enhances the user’s experience with your website and improves that experience to generate more conversions.


Putting it all Together:

Conversion Rate Optimization alone will not bring success. For example, if you have an extremely high erosion rate, but no traffic, it does you no good. Or, if your site is optimized for conversions, but the ppc is of poor quality, it will appear as if your conversion rate is bad, when really, the traffic is what’s causing it. Therefore, it’s important to put it all together.


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