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The magazine articles and brochures they were sending out were generating no “Response”.  Shop Pretty Edgy came to LA NY Interactive with a request to design a new site with the primary goal of increasing leads and sales.  They wanted to ensure they would get maximum exposure across all of the search engines and drive valuable targeted traffic that would result in higher conversions and an increase in ROI.


• Design a new site so that it can convert traffic with strong call to action

• Optimize On-Page SEO

• Build an aggressive PPC campaign to drive immediate traffic

• Build strong Off-Page SEO strategies


• Organic

• Achieved #1 ranking for Top Keywords across Google, Yahoo, Bing

• Increased Traffic (43 Unique Targeted Visits a Day)

• Average Time on Site – 4.00 minutes

• PPC Targeted Traffic

• Top Ad-Position Average 3.8

• High Conversion Ratio of 7.9%

• Leads

• Monthly Leads 40-50 Qualified Leads Per Month

THE RESULTS (within 3-months)


Our client Pretty Edgy offers the best in casual and outerwear for the days modern millennials.  Outfitting ‘young women on the go’ without sacrificing style and quality.


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